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Londesborough 734

Presentation  from Scotland

This Mark Token was struck for the Celebration of 350 years of Lodge Scoon & Perth No.3, Only 350 tokens have been made, and the die has been destroyed, so you see it is a limited edition, and as it is Londesborough Lodge’s 150th year of celebration, I have managed to get the 150th token struck for your lodge, which is duly numbered.

A short history of Lodge Scoon & Perth No. .3

Our oldest document of the lodge is The Mutual Agreement dated 24th December 1658, and is known as the Charter of the Lodge, and is kept in safe keeping at Register House, in Edinburgh, And in this document it is said that the Lodge of Scoon & Perth was known to be in existence Four Hundred Three Score and five years prior to the writing of the document or thereby. And then on the 1st April 1742, a petition was presented to Grand Lodge of Scotland, by the then Master Gideon Schaw and wardens John Robertson & Allan Clerk for Confirmation of Charter of Lodge Scoon & Perth, and was duly granted.


Grand Lodge held in Maries Chappell 19 May 1742, and was recorded in the books of Grand Lodge by the clerk to and Keeper of the said records, Ro Alison Gr Clerk.  We also still have this document in the lodge, and it is laid out at every meeting of the lodge, Unfortunately this document was damaged in the floods of Perth in the year 1993, But we have managed to save it, although most of the writing has been washed off, you can still make out the signature and date of the Grand Clerk.

Presented by:-  Bro Michael W.L. Dennis, P.M. Lodge Scoon & Perth No 3 SC, P.M. Lodge Discovery No 1789 SC

Provincial Grand Treasurer, Provincial Grand Lodge of Perthshire  East ,  

Grand Steward of The Grand Lodge of Scotland

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