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Dear Brethren and Bro. Knights

You’ve probably heard the rumours, but now all is revealed!  The Londesborough Knights Templar Preceptory are hosting ‘Rabbies’s Ceilidh’ to honour the birthday of the Scottish Bard and to start a year of celebrating 100 years since the consecration of the KT in Bridlington.

Numbers are limited, so that there is room for dancing, but best of all, the evening is open to all.  This means that your wives and partners, who often miss out on Burn’s Night celebrations can attend, along with your non-Masonic friends.

The evening will consist of a traditional Burn’s Supper, starting at 6.30 to be ready to dine at 7, followed by Scottish country dancing.  Don’t worry, as the dances will all be explained by our talented caller, Margaret Miles, to the musical accompaniment of Graham.

We have engaged the services of a Piper for the evening, so for those of you who love the sound of the pipes, you’re in for a treat!

The cost of the evening is a mere £25 a head, with Whisky on the table or wine for those who prefer it.  The bar will be open for any other drinks throughout the evening.

Please ring my landline number 01377 790819  and leave a message to reserve your places, first come, first served!

Yours in the Bonds of the Order

E. Kt. John Watson PPA-de-C

Rabbies’s Ceilidh

Saturday 28th January


Bridlington Masonic Hall

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